Empower your body with expert coaching
and support, right at your fingertips.

Activate your Bod•e Trainer

If you're one of the millions who have tried and failed with conventional weight-management products and programs, you're ready for Vemma Bod•ē. Designed to enhance your life, not restrict it, Vemma Bod•ē sets you up for success right from the start, with exclusive access to:

Chris and Heidi Powell

Chris and Heidi Powell

TV Celebrity Transformation Specialists and Vemma Bod-e Spokespeople View Bios

Free, Award-Winning Bod•ē Mobile App

This FREE, award-winning Bod•ē App allows you to have Chris and Heidi act as YOUR OWN personal trainers, coaching you every day, easily and effectively on your smartphone. Available for iPhone and Android, the Bod•ē App motivates, inspires and keeps you engaged every step of your transformation journey, to help make achieving your goal weight something you can succeed at.*† Search "Vemma Bode" in your App store to start using the amazing features, including:

  • 12 weeks of daily video tips from Chris and Heidi Powell
  • Up to 6 notifications reminding you of when and what to eat
  • Motivates, inspires and educates you every day!
  • Fast food guide provides options to make it simple to stay on track

Available on the App Store Available for Android

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Online Bod•ē Trainer

As part of your Bod•ē transformation, you receive the online Bod•ē Trainer, customized to help support and track your progress. This exclusive online weight management tool, accessible via any device, guides you on the Bod•ē Transformation Plan and teaches you how to use the Bod•ē products in conjunction with the Bod•ē plan. Your Bod•ē Trainer has features customized to your body, including:

  • Carb cycle schedule (today, tomorrow and next week views)
  • Daily video tip from Chris and Heidi Powell
  • Access to watch video tips from previous days
  • Progress tracker
  • Photo upload
  • Weekly progress notifications
  • Exercise ideas to keep you engaged
  • Array of delicious recipe options
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Daily Notifications
and Video Tips

You decide what time you want to be reminded, and from there your phone does all the work, sending you timely reminders of when and what to eat, along with the daily video tip from Chris and Heidi Powell who will help keep you motivated, engaged and on track.

Day One – Sample Notifications

  • Breakfast time, low carb day! Have a Bod•ē Burn w/in 30 min. of waking w/ a complex carb breakfast. Watch today's video tip:

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Social Media Support

It's a great feeling to know that during your body transformation, you're not in it alone! Vemma Bod•ē fits right into the social networking scene so you can easily connect, interact and swap stories with your family, friends and others enjoying the benefits of Vemma Bod•ē via Facebook and Twitter.

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