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In Vemma Magazine, Dr. Yibing Wang - Vemma Chief Scientific Officer - discusses a specific topic regarding Vemma and its ingredients, health-promoting properties and benefits.

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Dr. Yibing WangAbout Dr. Yibing Wang

Dr. Wang joined Vemma's parent company, New Vision®, as the Director of Research and Development in January of 1998. He has been involved with Vemma since its inception in 2004 as Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to his tenure with New Vision, Dr. Wang was the Research Director with Amrion, Inc. and was responsible for the conceptualization and development of all new products.

Dr. Wang also spent six years as a Research and Development Scientist and Research Assistant in both Boulder, CO and Baton Rouge, LA. After finishing medical school and practicing as a Resident Physician in Jinan, China, Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. at Louisiana State University, majoring in Genetics with a minor in Biochemistry in 1995

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