Re-live the 2009 Vemma Royale Convention Whenever You Want!

Hello Team,

Want to experience the 2009 Vemma Royale Convention all over again? Well, now you can! We've put together a special 4-CD collection of the most inspirational, motivational and educational training from our top Vemma Leaders!

Disc 1
  • Hope in the New Economy by Vemma Founders - BK, Karen and Lauren Boreyko
Disc 2
  • Never Give Up by Presidential Leader, Joke Broeren
  • Keep it Simple & Fun by Presidential Leader, Clif Braun
Disc 3
  • The Real Connection by Presidential Leader, Annie Black
  • When Opportunity Knocks – Listen by Star Presidential Leader, Rodrick Smith
  • Energizing Your Home Meetings by Ambassador Leader, Michelle Barnes
  • Your Passport to Freedom by Royal Ambassador Leader, Tom Alkazin
Disc 4
  • Journey to the Top by Royal Ambassador Leader, Jeff Hooks
  • Your Best Plan B by Ambassadors Leaders, JD & Ronni Phillips
  • It's All About You by Star Ambassador Leader, Gary Brady

In this compelling 4-CD set, these great Leaders share the ways to take your business to the next level, realizing your dreams and creating the life you’ve always wanted. Download the audio to your iPod and listen to it while you travel, workout or whenever you have a free moment in the day. This powerful training set is over 3 hours of PURE motivation and you won’t want to miss a second of it!

Available at purchase the complete 2009 Vemma Royale Convention Highlight 4-CD set for just $6.


BK Boreyko
President & CEO
Vemma Nutrition Company

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Re-live the 2009 Vemma Royale Convention Whenever You Want!