The Results Are In!
The Results Are In!

Hello Team,

Recently, Men's Journal® magazine did their own independent testing on several popular superjuices in an article called "Superjuices on Trial". We're proud to say that Vemma® earned their "Best Overall" rating of all juices tested with "Sky-high vitamin C levels and solid in antioxidants". Surprisingly, a superjuice leader, Mona Vie®, came in under the category "Not so Super" stating that "Mona Vie tested extremely low in anthocyanins and phenolics. Even apple juice (which also tested poorly) has more phenolics…Plus Mona Vie's vitamin C level was five times lower than that of Welch's® Grape Juice. That's not many nutrients."†

Mens Journal - December Issue

I want to start off by saying I'm a big fan of superjuices, almost all of them. Anytime you're choosing something healthy, I applaud you. Knowing the importance of independent testing, we recently sent both Vemma and Mona Vie to a reputable, independent lab for our own independent testing of four other popular phytonutrients as well as 12 vitamins and ORAC Value. The purpose of these independent tests is to simply stress the importance of choosing a COMPLETE superjuice when making that ever important decision that positively impacts your family's health. Click below to see the results!

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A while ago, a noted skin care doctor wrote a book and made a statement that the açaí berry was the #1 superfood and many don't know he was listing them in alphabetical order, hence the #1 rank. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the açaí berry, but I'll put the whole fruit of the mangosteen up against any superfruit on the planet, açaí included. After all, it didn't earn the title "Queen of Fruits" for nothing.

Many Members have asked me how Vemma compares with Mona Vie, and why my research team chose mangosteen instead of açaí. Well, even though that skin care doctor touts açaí, I know a couple of other well known doctors that every day choose to supplement with a mangosteen-based formula, not açaí. The reason for their decision all goes back to that one word, complete. You see, Vemma is a physician-formulated, clinically studied formula that not only provides your body with the critical phytonutrients that play such a vital role in a person's overall health regimen, but also provides aggressive levels of vitamins, plant-sourced minerals and antioxidants that help support your immune system and create abundant energy.*

Based on the modest results of Mona Vie's vitamin test results, phytonutrients are the core of their story. I want to bring your attention to a very special phytonutrient called proanthocyanidins. These are a specific class of phytonutrients with numerous health-giving properties. This class of flavonoids earned their primary reputation as being powerful antioxidants or free radical scavengers. Proanthocyanidins also help in the stabilization of collagen and elastin.* These are two critical fibrous proteins found in the connective tissues that support organs, joints, blood vessels and muscle.* More importantly, all of these phytonutrient test results really set the mangosteen fruit in an elite category of superfruits (do I dare say, super-duper fruits?). To learn more about the role phytonutrients may play in your health, please Google them, you'll be impressed!

I believe when it comes down to the health of your family, it's not about fancy packaging and stories of which fruit is #1. It's about what's on the inside of the bottle; how complete is that superjuice formula and what kind of results your family can expect. You see, this superjuice comparison really comes down to: "superfruit vs. super complete" and anytime you're making a decision that will affect the health of your family, you want to enjoy the benefits of the most complete and "Best Overall" superjuice on the planet…Vemma.

Wishing you the best of health…and life,

BK Boreyko
BK Boreyko
President & CEO
Vemma Nutrition Company

†Men's Journal, December 2008, page 100.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.