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As I've been traveling around meeting Members at the VIP meetings, I've been asked the question several times about the mangosteen product Costco® is selling. My first reaction is that you know we're on a hot trend when Costco jumps on board, but I'm all about potency and value to the customer. As a company owner, I want to run a company that pays attention. It falls squarely on my shoulders to ensure that our Members have one of the finest and most potent products and the most competitive compensation plan. When I receive questions like this during my travels, I can only imagine the amount of questions you must be fielding.

As an old friend of mine used to tell me, "documentation beats conversation every time." Because you deserve to know what you're marketing and how it stands up to the competition, I instructed my Research and Development (R&D) Team to purchase some Naturally™ Thai Mangosteen from AgroLabs, Inc. at Costco. Then, R&D contracted with American Analytical Chemistry Laboratories Corp., an independent xanthone testing facility that conducts all of the xanthone testing we've ever done, to run the same protocol of xanthone tests on this product.

We discovered that each serving of Naturally™ Thai Mangosteen provides 34.08 mg of mangostins. This includes beta mangostin which is one of the most studied of the nutritionally-rich xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit. While they far exceed the 7.7 mg found in a one ounce serving of XanGo™ and the 3.15 mg found in a one ounce serving of Thai-Go, it still does not compare to the 83.4 mg found in every one ounce serving of Vemma's Mangosteen Plus™!

Mangostin Xanthone Content Per Ounce

These results prove that for a mangosteen-only juice product, by far, Costco is the best deal. However, for the most complete and potent mangosteen juice nutritional program, nothing comes close to the power of Vemma!

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BK Boreyko
BK Boreyko
President & CEO
Vemma Nutrition Company

†Comparison based on independent lab tests conducted December 2003 (Lot #S032801), February 2004 (Lot #A01), June 2004 (Lot #00455304), November 2004 (Lot #01B401) and October 2005 (Lot #FJ41315203A). The product and company names are registered trademarks.