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Dottie Boreyko
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Dottie Boreyko

For Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko and his sisters, Karen and Lauren, the mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others is both a tribute to and a legacy left by their mother, Dottie Boreyko. This passion is shared by tens of thousands of Vemma Affiliates around the world.

In support of this fundamental value, Vemma helps to improve the lives of children around the world through philanthropic projects that have a direct and significant impact on the health and wellness of the children they serve. Vemma works with deserving nonprofit organizations to help the world's children live healthier lives, one child at a time.

Our Values

  • We are inspired to make a positive difference in the lives of children.
  • We believe proper nutrition is vital to children's health and development and has a long-term impact on their quality of life.
  • We better our communities by helping to meet the needs of their children.
  • We honor Dottie Boreyko's legacy of service to those in need.


Co-founded by heart surgeon and Emmy Award-winning talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa Oz, HealthCorps serves as a unique research laboratory to explore the complex, underlying causes of the obesity crisis and discover and communicate solutions.

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Children's Miracle Network

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is a nonprofit organization working to save and improve the lives of children by raising funds for more than 170 children's hospitals around the world.

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NEXT Helping Now Project

Vemma's NEXT Helping Now Project is a one-for-one product donation program that distributes a month's supply of Vemma NEXT™ – the company's premium liquid children's nutrition supplement – to a child in need for every month's supply purchased.

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Vemma was selected as a finalist for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in the prestigious 2011 American Business Awards.